Nikki (ink_smear) wrote,

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 photo EJAY.jpg

Kicking ass and taking numbers.

I'm spending a lot less time online these days. Planning a lot for the future. Leaving for a cruise in less than 90 days. Doing very well with my business.

Writing in sentence fragments.

It's great.

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Everything sounds good. :)

(P.S. I like the guitar in the background, it adds a little something to the picture.)
Eyebrows fabulous as usual..
Glad everything is going well.

You look happy :) Xxx
Girl, your eyebrows are fierce as hell. That is all. Bless!
glad to hear that everything is going well :-)
Happy to hear you are doing well, you look fantastic!
You look wonderful, glad things are going up for you :D
Sounds great! Have fun on the cruise. :-)

I love that picture of you. Great composition. You look wonderful, as always!
Nice surprise to see a post from you! And nice to hear your business is doing well. Keep it up. :-)
Looking and sounding badass!

Before reading this comments, I never thought to compliment anyone on their eyebrows, but they do look pretty sweet!
More beautiful than ever. Wonderful to see you again.
Cute freckles!
Great to see you again. Have you lost weight? Look great! Excellent bw tone as well.